Our Green Credentials

• The Joinery’s 30kW photovoltaic solar panel system produces 100% of its energy requirements.
• More than 25% of the renewable energy produced by our PV system is exported back to the grid as a manufacturing carbon offset – contributing to Australia’s overall renewable energy target.

• All ‘Grid Battery’ power is sourced from renewable energy systems.
• The Joinery’s PV system generates 50,000 kWh of power p.a. to help reduce Australia’s CO2 emissions by over 50 tonnes p.a.
• 93% of the timber used during production is recycled Australian hardwood. This creates building products with significantly lower embodied energy; locking in carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere if the timber was left to decompose as landfill.
• By using Australian recycled hardwood, we avoid the need to cut down existing trees which store large amounts of CO2 – positively impacting on our environment. Additionally, the large amount of energy and emissions associated with turning a green saw log into kiln dried hardwood is eliminated.
• All the recycled Australian hardwood used in our production process is locally sourced (within a 20km radius) to minimise emissions during transportation.
• Sawdust waste is used as horticultural compost.
• Timber off-cuts are used as fuel for heating.